The Most Important Question You Should Ever Ask Yourself!

The Most Important Question You Should Ever Ask Yourself!
Hey there Success Magnets!
It’s Christina M. Dukes “The Success Manifestation Coach”! 
I anticipate that you are all having a magnificent day full of abundance, overflow, and prosperity.
The other night as I was writing out my expectations for the month of July a thought popped in my mind, “What’s your why?”

I started to ask myself the following questions:

Why do I want an amazing life?
Why do I want to succeed?
Why am I here?
Why am I doing what I am currently doing with my life?

Remember, that you are a wonderful powerful Child of God! So Cheers to Manifesting Your Amazing Future!
I want you to ask yourself those questions too, when thinking about your why?
Maybe your why in life is to take care of your children, make a name for yourself in your career, be a great spouse, be famous, or be iconic, you will have to decide that for yourself in order to intentionally create the LIFE YOU REALLY WANT!
For now, have an awesome day and we will chat again later!
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-Christina xoxo

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Life Together

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Life Together

Hey Guys, It’s Christina M. Dukes, “The Success Manifestation Coach”.

I am a life coach, a business consultant, a motivational speaker, an author, and a world traveler. I became a coach because I went through a really rough time in life and I was really beating myself up because of my failures.

Here I was at 33 with a failing business, a failing relationship, and a failing spiritual life. I don’t know how many of you can relate, but some days I just felt like the “bottom was going to drop out”. That means at any moment I would collapse from the amount of stress I was battling. I say battling, because I never accepted the situation I was in although it was really tough. I had to learn that feeling sorry for myself wouldn’t do. It just made me feel worse.

I had to begin to declare a life of victory for myself. Today I declare victory in any battle or struggle you are having in your life right now. What I have learned is that no matter how successful others consider you are, some people are always feeling like more should be going on in your life. That person in fact is me. I hadn’t taken time to shake off my old attitude, thinking I wasn’t good enough, experienced enough, pretty enough, skinny enough. But the truth is once I accepted I was a winner, I was an overcomer, did life really change for me.

I want to tell you today you are healthy, you are wealthy, you are abundant, you are victorious, you are an amazing child of God. The truth is that we are both on the same path. The path to purpose, passion, and prosperity. I want to thank you for taking this journey with me. To help us both move forward on this path of prosperity I will share with you my 3 Simple Steps to Get Your Life Together.


  1. Assess what is happening in your life. What is the real problem? Be able to understand what is really bothering you in your life or what it is that you really want is essential to assessing where you are today. Because God says you are a child of amazing destiny filled with purpose, abundance, overflow, prosperity, and charity. It’s okay if you feel that your life is a hot mess, we can fix the mess, and turn the mess into a message.
  2. Write a list of what it is that you really want out of life. How much money would be most ideal for you to live a comfortable life, provide for your family, and build a legacy that would make God proud? It’s okay to dream big. God puts desires in your heart, because if you are obedient and trust Him and the Angels to help you, there is nothing too big or too hard for God. Remember that if God can create the Heavens and the Earth, the Universe and Man, God can do anything, you just need to ask. By creating a list of what we want in our finances, career, spirituality, social life, education, relationships, passions, and talents.
  3. Seek help if you need it. Whether you talk to a friend about your plans, hire a coach, watch YouTube videos, getting help is one of the most essential goals you can accomplish when on the path to achieve your destiny. Remember when God closes one door he always opens another. Sometimes you will meet people who can help you grow personally and spiritually, help you overcome obstacles, and help you learn major life lessons. The bottom line is that we were not born to live on the Earth in solitude. God uses people. I can’t tell you how many times I ignored and avoided God on this topic. Me, “Get help! Please get real!” that used to be my attitude. Once I checked my Ego and realized I couldn’t manifest the destiny God was laying down before me on my own. I needed guidance and coaching from those who had come before me and those who were doing what I wanted to do and those who knew what I needed to know. I strategized my life in that way. Of course I maintained my friendships and personal relationships, but when it came to manifesting my purpose on Earth and achieving every desire of my heart. I had to get real. It was just too hard doing it alone. I hired a business coach, a branding strategist, a great graphic designer, and a stylist. Before I knew it I had a team of experts that could advance my purpose here on Earth to the next level.

I hope my 3 Simple Steps To Get Your Life Together were inspiring. I don’t care where you are right now on your purpose journey, it’s never too late to create a vision of what the next level of your life looks like. God has given us the power to endure whatever comes our way with a good attitude, so I want you to keep pushing and think bigger when it comes to your life.

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See you At the Top!

-Christina M. Dukes xoxo

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What Money Likes…According to Joe Vitale

What Money Likes…According to Joe Vitale
Hey there it’s Christina Dukes “The Success Manifestation Coach”!
I hope you are all having an amazing week! Full of Abundance, Prosperity, and Overflow!!!
Joe Vitale …. I love his wisdom – I mean, who doesn’t right?
Lots of what I’ve learned about money comes from training he gave me.
I’d like to share some of his wisdom with you today.


Here is what he says money likes:

1. Money likes freedom – money has no beliefs about you.
2. Money likes speed. (Speedy action) When you get an idea it’s a gift from the universe. Act on it. Say thank you I’m on it!
3. Money likes appreciation!
4. Money likes attention!
5. Money likes energy – Your energy. Your health. Your happiness. Money is attracted to that.
6. Money likes to circulate. Show prosperous spending and prosperous purchasing, meaning be generous to yourself and others. Money likes to come back to you!

7. Money likes respect – money is not evil. Love of money is evil!
8. Money likes a mission – give it a real purpose in your life!
I hope these were super helpful in manifesting the Money you desire.
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Hey There Success Magnets!  It’s Christina M. Dukes.
You may know me as “The Success Manifestation Coach”.
I’ve also been called “The Queen of Manifesting”.
I’m a business coach, consultant, motivational speaker, teacher, and the creator of Manifest Academy– the world’s leading online law of attraction academy.
I help entrepreneurs and executives cultivate the mindset and the skill set required to build a million dollar business so that they can spend less time working and more time be passionate about what they love.
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Four Unusual Tips to Get More Productive

Four Unusual Tips to Get More Productive

Here are four unusual tips to help make you more productive and effective in any area of your life…

Take Intentional Control. Most people act as if they have no control of their time. They release control to Customers, email, the weather and who-knows-what-else. The most productive people take more control of their time. While this idea is a big one (and relates to the other tips that follow), let me give you two simple examples.

– When you schedule phone calls, be the one to place the call. That way you aren’t waiting if the other party is late. If you call and they don’t answer, you can leave a message and you can get on to a new task.

– Schedule meetings where people come to you. I rarely have meetings at coffee shops or other people’s offices (outside of our building). Why? Because my travel time is lost productivity.

Block Your Time. One of the best ways to take control is to block your time. I know that in some people’s work this might be easier than in others but everyone can find times of the day or week to block for specific (important) tasks. When you block your time for a task, you help yourself be more focused and therefore will be more productive. This is the best way to make sure that you achieve important outcomes and aren’t simply working on whatever seems urgent at that moment.

Be Prepared for Waiting. It seems that life always leaves us waiting. The most productive people have a plan for waiting that allows them to be productive during those moments. You might not know at the start of the day what you will be waiting on, or when, but chances are you will be waiting. Have a notebook for brainstorming, a book to read or a call to make – have a plan and be prepared to use those minutes that are otherwise lost forever. (Oh, and unless you are a social media professional, checking Facebook probably doesn’t count.)

Take a Nap. You can struggle over something for 20 minutes and not be finished, or take a ten-minute nap and then finish the task in the next ten. Your productivity has soared, and you will be fresher (and more productive) for the next five tasks on your list too.

I could make this list far longer, but the key ideas of many of the further tips would be extensions of what you see above. If you are serious about improving your productivity and effectiveness in any area of your life, put these ideas to the test in your life and work – you will be glad you did.

About Me

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I have been a coach since 2013 and I started Manifest Academy in 2015. As a coach I believe my clients can be, do, and have anything they want as long as they as they have the will to succeed, a great strategy, and a strong foundation in God.

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10 Questions to Ask a Potential Business Coach

Hey there! My name is Christina M. Dukes, The Success Manifestation Coach, a Chicago-based business coach, motivational speaker, and founder of Manifest Academy.

I work with executive professionals helping them discover a moneymaking brand outside of the corporate space as coaches, speakers, authors, and thought leaders.

Support is the key to every person who does anything great in any business.

If you are seeing a gap between where you are and where you want to be, then you absolutely should consider hiring a professional business coach.

Deciding to connect with a business coach is the just the first step to achieving your goals. Now, the next step is to find a coach who fits your needs.

Business coaching is an umbrella term that usually includes three things: coaching, consulting, and training. All should be considered when choosing a coach.

Asking the right questions can make a difference to help you find the right coach to position your business where you want it to be.

I want you to succeed in this relationship, so I am offering some advice, based on my experience, to help you choose a new coach.

Here are 10 questions you need to ask a potential business coach to determine the best match for you. Click here to gain access to the Top 10 Questions Now!

About Me

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.35.27 AM.png

I have been a coach since 2013 and I started Manifest Academy in 2015. As a coach I believe my clients can be, do, and have anything they want as long as they as they have the will to succeed, a great strategy, and a strong foundation in God.

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7 People You Should Avoid At All Cost As An Entrepreneur

7 People You Should Avoid At All Cost As An Entrepreneur

Hey Guys, It’s Christina M. Dukes, “The Success Manifestation Coach”. I anticipate that you are all having an amazing day! In this year of expansion, overflow, and abundance I feel that it is important to get rid of the old and make room for the new opportunities that are coming our way. In an effort to create an abundant path I want to share with you 7 People that you should avoid as much as possible as an entrepreneur.

People who are Negative.

Let’s start with how to identify negative people. The bottom line is that negativity exists everywhere in our world. Negative people are always complaining and sometimes they can suck the energy right out of you and bring you down. They can be in your family, in your circle of friends and acquaintances, at your job, it can even be spouse, and they are also all over social media. The reality is that in some point within our lives we will have to deal with negative people in our life. Remember, that negative thinking can affect your personal well-being, your outlook on life, and your business as an entrepreneur. Once, you recognize a negative person, try your best to detach yourself immediately.

People Who Criticize. 

The word criticize means to find fault with. I have heard people use the term constructive criticism, but I really don’t like it. Here’s why, how can finding fault be constructive. I like the constructive suggestions as a better term. When people criticize others, it can be guaranteed that they are criticizing you as well. Just be careful. When people criticize your work as an entrepreneur, try your best to disconnect and be as detached as possible. If someone doesn’t like your work or what you do, guess what? They have every right not to like your work and you have every right to continue doing what you love. Think about it like this, everything you do is an expression of God. Every action you take is like a manifestation of God in some way. Even ideas, inventions, and innovations are a manifestation of God.

People Who Waste Your Time.

Let’s face it as entrepreneurs we have all had potential customers who almost do business with us and back out or clients who don’t follow through on their commitment to complete your work together. As a Business Coach, Consultant, and Speaker trust me, I have dealt with my fair share of time wasters. So how do you identify time wasters, well that is the tricky part, so here is what I did to attract the type of customers and clients I felt were the best fit for creating the happiness I desired in my business. So, I created a list of all the attributes my ideal client has.

Here is my Ideal Client List:

I am constantly attracting and welcoming with love an abundance of new clients that:

Appreciate Me and My Gifts and Talents.

Are ready to fully pursue their dreams and nothing is going to stop them from getting there.

Realize they need my help to get their life in order, help them create strategies to attract their ideal life, and launch them into the next phase of their life.

See me as very valuable and hire me right away.

Can easily afford to pay the fee to work with me and have abundance flowing into their easily lives too.


I remember early on in my business, I constantly tried to prove myself to people in the sense that I had just come into my purpose and the only people I knew at that time was my circles of family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Truthfully, not many of them ever supported my business and that is totally okay. I have had some unsubscribe to my newsletters, talk bad about my business, compete with my business. But what I learned is that some of them were jealous because God had yet to reveal their purpose to them, yet.

People Who Are Jealous.

Jealous people are actually really easy to spot. Most times they criticize your work or they copy your work. I remember, when I first launched my very first consulting company, Idey Enterprises. I had a person in my life,  who I considered a best friend at that time, well instead of saying congratulations on your new business, she said, “Oh Yeah! I am launching my own consulting business doing exactly what you are doing!” I was like, “okay…cool. So you are launching it on the same day I am doing my business launch?” Needless to say, she never showed up to any of my events or supported me as a friend in any capacity. Thankfully we are no longer friends. Remember, people get jealous when they feel that someone else has something that should be theirs. Try your best to avoid taking it personally. Know that when a person is jealous of you, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

People Who Don’t Care.

Some people really don’t care about what you are doing. Stop trying to convince them to care. For everything that you are doing their is an audience for it, sometimes you may be talking to the wrong audience. Some people really don’t care about your business, because they have no interest in it or a need for what you do. One thing I started doing was deleting people from Facebook, etc. who were not ideal people to do business with. Also, if you aren’t interactive with me I do a monthly cleanup of my friends list.

People who Disappoint You.

WOW! This is a big one!!!!! I struggled with this a lot as a Christian especially. We are told in our faith to turn the other cheek, etc. But the reality is get rid of people who disappoint you. Recently, I had a situation where a client agreed to work with me, but when it came down to paying her invoice she made every excuse under the sun, from “she doesn’t share her credit card info online” to never hearing from her again. Because we were Facebook friends, I kindly deleted her. For me every-time I saw a post of hers online I felt disappointed, so this was a redline to just move on. As an entrepreneur, people will agree to work with you, then back out. Maybe the time isn’t right for them, however they should have considered that before disappointing you.

I hope this list was helpful.


About Me

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I have been a coach since 2013 and I started Manifest Academy in 2015. As a coach I believe my clients can be, do, and have anything they want as long as they as they have the will to succeed, a great strategy, and a strong foundation in God.

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7 Things Friendship Taught Me About Business.

7 Things Friendship Taught Me About Business.

Hey Guys,

It’s Christina M. Dukes, The Success Manifestation Coach. As we begin 2016, I have spent the last few weeks reflecting over the changes, challenges and opportunities of 2015. In reality, a lot of people I called friends in 2015 didn’t come into 2016 with me. Owning a business can be tough and honestly, you have to be crazy to become an entrepreneur. But in the pursuit of your highest calling you have to obey your dreams. Here 7 valuable lessons friendship has taught me about business.

1. Support. The best things your friends can do for you is support your vision. Support for you as an entrepreneur will be essential in the manifestation of success. A support system will give you the balance you need to get through good and tougher times.

When your friends support you by purchasing your products, referring you to their network, attending and sharing your events, and highly recommending you to others, it can really give you the confidence that you are on the right path; because they believe in you and support your vision.

2. Loyalty. The only way I can say this is, “pay attention to who doesn’t clap when you win”. The truth is when you take the leap of faith to start your own business, everyone won’t support you. Loyalty is one of my top core personal values, so it is very important to me. The thing is just pay attention to who doesn’t support you, and think about why they don’t. Is your messaging unclear? Is this something new for them? Are you a serial entrepreneur that is always switching companies? Have you confused your friends?

Regardless of the reason, your friends don’t have to support your business. However, even though they may not purchase your products, taking the time to ask you about how your business is going and add words of motivation can go along way where loyalty is concerned. In my opinion that is.

3. Reliability. When your friends commit do they follow through? I remember when I first started doing live events and conferences, I would have friends who would promise to attend and never show up. The reality is most times I never really heard from them after as much either. Having friends who will show up when they say they will is really important for your confidence level as an entrepreneur. We all get really busy at times, but its important to check in with our friends to see how they are doing and make up with them if something happens.

As an entrepreneur you will really need reliable friends. Having someone to rely on when you really need to talk or help with something is essential. Just be sure to not overuse your friends and respect their boundaries.

4. Forgiveness. If your friends don’t support you or aren’t reliable you will have to forgive them for yourself and your peace of mind. Forgive them and focus on who does support you and your dreams. Sometimes people go through changes in life and we have to allow people and relationships to evolve on their own.

Try your best not to get upset if your friends don’t support you like you thought they would. Truly having no expectations of your friends in terms of the success of your business will give you peace of mind. The bonus is that if your friends do support you, it is like unexpected praise.

5. Openness. As a successful entrepreneur you will need friends who will be open with you when something in your business isn’t working. Having friends who will just let you dive off the deep end without saying anything is detrimental. Real friends will give you a heads up if they feel something isn’t best for you. Even if you decide to continue down a different path, their openness should serve as caution for you. However, the opinions of others should not stop you from truly pursuing your passion.

6. Understanding. Having friends that understand you when times get rough will be really important to you as an entrepreneur. When you are pursuing your dreams, it is so essential to have friends that truly understand you, what you are going through, and not judge you. The bottom line is that being an Entrepreneur is tough. There will be times when you will need the understanding of good friends to support you through good and bad times.

7. Commitment. I can remember times in the early stages of my business when I wanted to give up. I remember that some of my friends were more committed to the vision God had given me than I was. They encouraged me to continue, or sometimes they would send me a text, “Hey when is the next video coming out or when is the next seminar.” Commitment to your vision is so important. If your friends never ask you about your business they may lack commitment to your friendship in general.               

I hope you this post was helpful for you in understanding that most entrepreneurs go through tough times with their friends. It’s not about the tough times, its about having people to lean on when life and business gets crazy.

Have An Amazing Day,

Christina xoxo  IMG_7605    

Christina M. Dukes “The Success Manifestation Coach” is a CATALYST of our generation, INSPIRING both women and men to fully BELIEVE in their POTENTIAL and SPIRITUAL CALLING.

After experiencing a series of life disappointments, Christina has learned to overcome her setbacks by transforming them into comebacks. Every disappointment  and let down has fueled her success.

Christina travels the world speaking and influencing people to transform their MINDSET INTO A SUCCESS STATE OF BEING.

She has a background in real estate, operations management, business development, and life coaching.

Christina works with creative entrepreneurs and professionals aligning them with PROCESSES that GENERATE PROFITS!!!! 

As a coach, consultant, motivational speaker, and aspiring author, Christina strives to influence her generation through a process she created called, CONNECT, ENGAGE, INSPIRE.

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