Here are four unusual tips to help make you more productive and effective in any area of your life…

Take Intentional Control. Most people act as if they have no control of their time. They release control to Customers, email, the weather and who-knows-what-else. The most productive people take more control of their time. While this idea is a big one (and relates to the other tips that follow), let me give you two simple examples.

– When you schedule phone calls, be the one to place the call. That way you aren’t waiting if the other party is late. If you call and they don’t answer, you can leave a message and you can get on to a new task.

– Schedule meetings where people come to you. I rarely have meetings at coffee shops or other people’s offices (outside of our building). Why? Because my travel time is lost productivity.

Block Your Time. One of the best ways to take control is to block your time. I know that in some people’s work this might be easier than in others but everyone can find times of the day or week to block for specific (important) tasks. When you block your time for a task, you help yourself be more focused and therefore will be more productive. This is the best way to make sure that you achieve important outcomes and aren’t simply working on whatever seems urgent at that moment.

Be Prepared for Waiting. It seems that life always leaves us waiting. The most productive people have a plan for waiting that allows them to be productive during those moments. You might not know at the start of the day what you will be waiting on, or when, but chances are you will be waiting. Have a notebook for brainstorming, a book to read or a call to make – have a plan and be prepared to use those minutes that are otherwise lost forever. (Oh, and unless you are a social media professional, checking Facebook probably doesn’t count.)

Take a Nap. You can struggle over something for 20 minutes and not be finished, or take a ten-minute nap and then finish the task in the next ten. Your productivity has soared, and you will be fresher (and more productive) for the next five tasks on your list too.

I could make this list far longer, but the key ideas of many of the further tips would be extensions of what you see above. If you are serious about improving your productivity and effectiveness in any area of your life, put these ideas to the test in your life and work – you will be glad you did.

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I have been a coach since 2013 and I started Manifest Academy in 2015. As a coach I believe my clients can be, do, and have anything they want as long as they as they have the will to succeed, a great strategy, and a strong foundation in God.

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