Hey there Success Magnets!
It’s Christina M. Dukes “The Success Manifestation Coach”! 
I anticipate that you are all having a magnificent day full of abundance, overflow, and prosperity.
The other night as I was writing out my expectations for the month of July a thought popped in my mind, “What’s your why?”

I started to ask myself the following questions:

Why do I want an amazing life?
Why do I want to succeed?
Why am I here?
Why am I doing what I am currently doing with my life?

Remember, that you are a wonderful powerful Child of God! So Cheers to Manifesting Your Amazing Future!
I want you to ask yourself those questions too, when thinking about your why?
Maybe your why in life is to take care of your children, make a name for yourself in your career, be a great spouse, be famous, or be iconic, you will have to decide that for yourself in order to intentionally create the LIFE YOU REALLY WANT!
For now, have an awesome day and we will chat again later!
Oh By The Way!!!!
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We are having an awesome time manifesting the LIVES OF OUR DREAMS!
See you At The Top! Click Here to Join!
-Christina xoxo

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